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Orders placed by 2pm est ship same day!

2015-2017 Mustang SMD LED Switchback Amber White Turn Signal Parking Light Bulbs

Manufacturer Part # LG0130PR, LG0140PR

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•Brand New
•Fits ANY 2015-2017 Ford Mustang or Shelby GT350 (for North American Mustang only)
•Uses 2018 SMD technology for color switching LEDs

•Two (x2) Daymakers 194 White LED Bulbs for Parking Lights
•Two (x2) Daymakers 20 SMD 7443 Switchback (Amber/White) LED Bulbs For Front Turn Signals

•Switchback bulbs are Dual Color Correct Brightness 20 Diode LEDs (Most think brighter is better until it looks out of place. These were matched to look perfect against all Front Lightning on the Mustang!)
•Amber LED when turn signal is on & White LED when turn signal is off
•All bulbs are waterproof for Long Life and Peak Performance
•No resistor needed to slow down turn-signal blinking rate
•Easy 15 minute Plug & Play installation

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