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Orders placed by 2pm est ship same day!

2015-2020 Mustang Shelby GT350 Genuine Ford Weathershield Car Cover w Snake Logo

Manufacturer Part # FR3Z-19A412-E

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•Brand New
•Genuine Ford part # FR3Z-19A412-E
•Fits ANY 2015-2020 Mustang (Won't fit GT350R because of rear spoiler)
•Features storage bag attached to the underside of the cover
•Includes tether cord to secure cover to car using grommets
•Urethane elastic sewn into front & rear hems
•Black stripes down the center w/ "SHELBY" lettering over the hood & GT350 Cobra logo on the rear
•WeatherShield fabric features Nextec encapsulation process for excellent protection and compact storage.

WeatherShield's Key Features and Benefits
•Dramatic Rain Dispersion - Fabric sheds water as soon as it hits the cover.
•Superior Dry Time - Because the fabric sheds moisture, just shake the cover and it dries in minutes (HD fabric is heavier and requires additional drying time).
•Breathable - Allows any heat, moisture or condensation under the cover to easily escape.
•UV Resistant - Special additives to the encapsulation formula reduce fabric UV degradation.
•Superior Paint Finish Protection - Silicone polymers used in the encapsulation formula help create a silky-smooth finish that's even less abrasive than flannel (HD uses heavier denier thread which is not as smooth).
•Packs Small - Cover packs into roughly 1/3 the volume of multi-layer fabric covers (HD covers are bulkier).
•Easy Care - Wash and dry at home... most mid-size covers will fit in home washers and dryers - and, unlike non-woven materials, they can be thrown in a dryer.
•Durable Fade-Resistant Fabric Finish - Premium automotive-grade fabric color dyes are more fade resistant and hold their color longer.

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